A Poem dedicated To Scones, Who’s In?

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Plain Scones, Wholemeal Scones, Fruit Scones, This is for You


Stony Scone for someone,
Chewy Scone for me.

Tasteless Scone for someone,
Tasty Scone for me.

Flat and Boring for them,
Fancy Jewels for me.

They grimace and turn their heads away,
I focus like a laser with my widened eyes.

They say you taste nice only when Butter and Jam join the party,
I say you are tasty the way you are.

They throw strange looks at me as I always look for you and choose you,
But this exactly shows true love never get out of taste.

My forever Love

Who else share the same love as me?

Just realized my first ever #foodstagram was actually S C O N E !!!

Yummy cranberry scOne with ice blended mOcha.

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