Delicious yet Simple and Nutritious Breakfast

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Breakfast Is Special, They Start Your Day.

I really cherish those holidays’ and weekends’ morning where I can have ample quality time with my breakfast, without being weighed down by the everyday lab practicals. The moment I grab them in my hands and put in my mouth. The moment my brain gets stimulated by the wondrous tastes unleashed by the food when they are broken down by the enzymes. That is something magical.

avocado egg wheaty biscuit healthy breakfast

Sometimes I will get lost while eating my breakfast. I love enjoying my breakfast so much that so frequently it’s my main reason to hop on my bed early and hope that morning will arrive faster. However, while I am in the midst of eating, many times my mind will wander off by its own. And I have to literally pull it back so that I am in the present for every single bite.

soya cappucino oaty healthy breakfast

The unsweetened soya adds a whole lot of creaminess onto the bowl of frothy cappuccino. With an added cup of bitey jumbo oats and a sprinkle of cinnamon, this breakfast gives you a fullness of energy and protein to overcome whatever challenges ahead!



Just want a mouthful crunchy bite

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One of my favourites, #FruityYogurtCereal~

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Now that’s not very healthy but it’s free so here it goes.


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