Flashbacks of Last Year 2014/2015

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Christian Union Activities

September 2014 was tough. I left home and arrived here in Tralee, Ireland. A small and quiet town for a city kid from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The busy city, hustling and bustling, hot and sweaty, sun and sunshine. I was lost and missed my family so so much. Until I met them.

Volunteer at Oxfam Tralee

First year was easy, most of the syllabus was covered during my pre-university study (Form 6). And so I found time to volunteer at Oxfam Shop every Friday after school. Meaningful time spent tidying books, being receptionist, filtering clothes and interacting with local people and other volunteer staffs. I love it. Doing good without expecting rewards.  Just sheer joy interacting with people and helping out.

Under The Sun Church Retreat

It was last year today. Under the sun, having fun, where now I am under the stress of having two exams coming up. A huge difference from last year where Jie Long (Guy in green jumper at far left) and Faith (Girl next to him holding a camera) were still here. He has transferred to UCD, Dublin, whereas Faith is back to Malaysia helping her mum in homeschooling. Everything has changed.

Church Retreat at Bandon Cork

This year is a whole lot challenging in academic-wise. Breathless many a time, studying while doing a part-time job. However, I won’t quit as I hold to Him. I believe He has my best interest in mind.

Tralee Baptist Church Game Night

The girl in pink playing with tissue, she is Tobe from Hong Kong. She has gone as well. Last year she was here for work and travel. We spent a lot of time together. She is special. One day I would meet her again when I travel to Hong Kong!!!

Christion Union In Spring

I love this picture a lot! It was spring I remember. We were in a classroom going to discuss some Christian Union future activities and Sun was too beautiful out there to be wasted. So, we had our meeting on the green carpet of grass. We don’t have Christian Union this year. Studies have been weighing us down especially those who move on to third year. Anyway, let our heart be stringed together like a chain of daisies.

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