Galway City Walk + Bus Tour to Cliff of Moher & Connemara

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March 2016. Everything was unsure. Tons of continuous assessments were buzzing around before the Easter break and I could not put my brain into holiday planning yet, but I knew I must go somewhere – a short getaway to loosen my nerves and set myself free again.

Just before Easter, on St. Patrick’s Day, Quynh and I finally decided to sit down and create a quick plan. In just two hours, we drafted a three-day two-night’s rough guide to Galway.

We checked the accommodation, the bus timetable, researched some must-go destinations, contacted the two-day trip bus tour to Cliffs of Moher and Connemara, and invited two other friends spontaneously. On Saturday morning, I booked everything and in the evening, a camera was successfully borrowed with just one text message. Awesome friend! And on Monday, we were all set to go!


We took Dublin Coach from Tralee to Limerick, price 10 Euro. From Limerick, we took Bus Eireann to Galway, 8.79 Euro. We did not take Bus Eireann for the whole trip because it does not provide a late bus from Limerick back to Tralee. And I must say, I did not have a satisfying experience with Dublin Coach. The driver I met was very less friendly and the bus was 20 minutes late during the return trip. It was just case-specific I guess but Bus Eireann did serve a much better experience in terms of driver’s friendliness and driving skills.



We arrived at Galway in the noon. Backpacks checked in and the three of us wandered around the city centre while waiting for another friend from Dublin to arrive. We were supposed to arrive around the same time but he never failed to be late. In this case, he missed his train, usual event for him. He was trying a new route to the train station and he got lost. Interesting.

Galway City Promegranate Mediterranean Open Buffet

I was excited when he finally arrived because then we could have our buffet lunch; just spotted a sandwich board offering Mediterranean style buffet at 9.50 Euro. While I was meeting Koh at the Ceannt train station to bring him to my friends, they had changed their mind and found an idea to save more money on food, which is not my area of expertise when it comes to FOOD. Anyway, here is their plan:


We bought three cans of tuna, one loaf of brown bread, a bottle of fresh milk and a box of crunchy wheat squares cereal at Aldi. Two days’ brekkie and lunch checked which just costed a rough 1.70 Euro per person. I could not believe that we could save so much. That’s the pro of travelling with someone not so of a foodie like me and also travelling with a group which you can share and divide the cost. Everything is cheaper.


Salthill Promenade

We took a long stroll through the hill. It is not scenically special but it is a place where you can have a nice long chat with your friends and meet the locals who are jogging with their dogs and guys playing soccer or an old man with his vintage bike.



I was mesmerised by how colourful this street is and the cobble stones I was stepping on. The most colourful street I have ever seen. It was Monday but the street was packed with people. This is the main street in Galway city centre. There were a couple of street performers along the street, showing off their high quality voice and playing some notes off the guitar. Some painters were exhibiting their creative productions and a man was blowing eye-catching balloons, twisting and turning them into different shapes for the children. Nice vibe!


This shop is definitely worth a visit which is a gourmet grocery store with fresh bakery supplied. It would be a super nice experience if you are into food, like the type that your eyes will widen and sharpen, and ears are all up when you just hear the word ‘Food’, then this is the place to go! You can enjoy exploring a spectrum of different handmade relish, chutney and salad dressing among others like colourful pasta, hazelnut toffee sauce to top on ice cream, chocolates and fine wine.

@ peace

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Cliff of Moher


POMEGRANATE RESTAURANT AND CAFÉ (Mediterranean Buffet at 9.50 Euro)

After wandering around the city centre, we had prepared our stomach for the big feast ahead. The most exciting moment when you know you can eat as much as you want!

Spoiler Alert: Quynh and I, both girls vomited after we stuffed ourselves with four plates while the two guys ate lesser than us and they were fine.

The food is amazing. The delicious, savoury dishes are replaced by new and different ones frequently. That means you are constantly served with piping-hot curries, juicy chicken, satay, fried onion rings, rice and more. Totally spoilt for choice. That’s why we ended up gobbling down four plates and vomited one plate. Not cool! So, a little bit of self-control is needed here. Besides that, there are hummus, salad and crispy biscuits. Drinks are not included, sky juice is free. The only downside is no desserts supplied. The only disadvantage.

Tuco’s Taqueria

The Dough Bros Galway

This is real nice!!! #thedoughbros #bestpizzaintown The Ham is so elastic~

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Salmon Weir Hostel Kitchen

I would highly recommend Salmon Weir Hostel, which is the second cheapest hostel we could search on after Nimmos Hostel. 12 Euro per night on weekdays. A cheap deal really. We read some reviews and some were not very positive. Thus, I was a bit afraid when we arrived there, worrying that the conditions would be very unacceptable.

Nonetheless, I am 100% satisfied about it. It is indeed very small but the bed is cosy and clean. There are plenty of toilets available which I like it very much. I did not need to queue up to bathe in the morning.  The toilets and the kitchen are well cleaned for every morning. Nice and fresh! It is way better than the one I stayed in Cork. The staffs are super friendly. The overall environment and the living room are sweet and cosy.

The location is very convenient and close to the city center. Super easy to find it. Thumbs up for Salmon Weir!

Is it just one way?

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The 2nd day we went for Connemara day trip while the 3rd day was Cliff of Moher. In my humble opinion, the day trip to Moher was much more interesting and better than that to Connemara, which was a long-haul drive with very few stops and it didn’t include Connemara National Park. The road was snake-wavy and caused me to suffering terribly from travel sickness. Luckily I didn’t throw up as I sat just behind the driver.  So, it would be ideal if we would have just booked the day tour to Cliff of Moher and gone to Connemara National Park by ourselves.

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