Home-Baked Pizza The Best!

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Pizza & Movie Night at Pastor’s House!

Pizza night 5

26th Feb 2016. It was school term. I was buzzingly busy but this day couldn’t be missed really! Amanda was driving all the excited ones to her house.

Pizza night 4

The home-baked pizza was Second To None seriously. Hats off to Amanda, she spent the whole day preparing the dough and other ingredients just to feed all the hungry college students! Look at us, we were really smiling from ear to ear. Our fingers were all melted creamy cheese and mouth with bouncy pizza dough! It was like a Pizza Buffet, with a whole variety of pizza flavors coming out of the oven hot while we still had our pizza in hands, happily munching off!

Pizza night 1

After the pizza feast, we enjoyed the movie <God Is Not Dead>, conveying the many confusion and strong determination of christian college students have in their life. Another movie worth mentioning is the <War Room>. A truly inspiring movie telling the story of temptations and struggles in our life and how we always forget to surrender to God and cast all our troubles to Him. A nice wake-up movie for Christians who are sleeping in their faith. I must always remind myself not to be a baby christian who never grows up!

Pizza night 2

10.10 pm. Movie finished. All smiling probably because we knew the lovely Herricks had packed each of us the extra pizza for our lunch tomorrow!

Photos @miyokohuey & @eltonpeters

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