I never get bored of Casey Neistat’s Vlog!

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I particularly love his way of explaining things with those powerful and easy-to-understand diagrams. The ideas get printed in my brain so deeply, that the things Casey explains, such as the Creation Hierarchy really gives me the drive to do something! Thumbs up for the well-explained drawings!

And in other vlogs, he gives super down-to-earth tips in everyday life or how to make our dreams come true. He says There Is No Shortcut to our goals or dreams or destination, the only way is simply Just Do It!

Yes, exactly! If we always just sit there and dream about the perfect life or the perfect job, because it’s so perfect, that it makes us feel impossible to realize it. The perfection looks like failure is not allowed to happen. Then, the fear of failure is like a big nasty monster sitting between us and our dream, constantly persuading us that my dream is too perfect, that there’s no way for us to reach it. So in the end, we would just keep dreaming and complaining. That’s not cool!

Casey Neistat doesn’t cover or sugar-coat his non-perfections at all. He reveals them under the broad daylight and he always talks about them. His vlogs also include falling of camera, his failure of making centriphone and a lot more that he doesn’t cut it off during editing. That’s what makes me addicted to his vlogs! I see Hope in his vlogs. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect. We just have to take the first step and keep going from there. If even the first step we don’t try to take, how are we going to know is it possible or not? It’s like when we don’t try it, the answer is Always No. But if we try it, it might be a Yes or No, a 0% chance jumps up to 50%. At least we won’t be regretting in later stage that we’ve never tried it, instead of just dreaming and dreaming without the most interesting part – Creating!

Sometimes I find too much thinking might be not healthy. Don’t get me wrong, but for me, it always stops me from doing what I dream of. Fear sometimes grows directly proportional to the amount of thinking. So, with a certain amount of Thinking done, Doing it must come in. Then, from there, Doing and Thinking go hand in hand and bring us to our destination.

Other factor: Francine is always smiling at the camera, cutest baby!

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