Ireland Eurachem 2016 Experience

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Ireland Eurachem

I never thought I would be chosen to participate this competition. Really. It’s still ironed in my heart, a badly burned wound that one of my lecturer said ‘Poor, very poor,’ right beside my left ear, during an organic lab practical. His voice is still echoing in my head. I was torn. I lost interest. My heart was everywhere. Maybe I should give up my course and pursue a degree in IT or join a coding boot camp, I said to myself, since I was working in digital marketing as a part-time job that time.

Athlone City
Athlone City

My heart was like a bucket of stones, every day, still, when I think of the 5 practicals every week. But better now. My sister told me to shut down my sensors if I am tortured again. It helps.

A tough time. Then, I turned to God. Every single morning, I pray for my practical of the day. Lord, please help me in my practical. Calm me down. I totally surrender to you. Please heal my heart. I trust that You have my best interest in mind. Amen.

Eurachem experiment

Sometime later, my inorganic lecturer talked to us and said all of us have improved our lab skills. During a row of Eurachem practical trials, Aoife, my teammate and I were able to perform the procedure and do the calculations under a two-hour pressure. And this brought us to Our Journey to Ireland Eurachem 2016 at Athlone Institute of Technology.

Eurachem lunch
Actually I could write a blog solely dedicated to the food I ate during this trip, I wish to, I truly couldn’t express more of my food excitement. However, let me share my feelings on my personal growth through my course and the competition this time.


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