Life & Dream

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What if I could see through this world
Know that it’s temporary
I could try out the things in my head
I could follow the stars that always lead me astray
Small though, but shining and glittering

What if I could accept that life is full of experiments
No exact win or lose
The definition is in the eye of the beholder

I could turn my passion into job
Trust that I don’t need to follow and join the rat race
Trust that I have my talents
Trust that by error and trial, I could figure it all out

Believe that I could take a different route
Believe that there are a lot of ways to spend my one-time life here on earth

The trail continues to dig deep into the forest of my heart
A maze I run in my head
Branches and sticks and stones

What if that dream was real?
What if that was the route?
What if that was the real me?

Mr. Courage, hold me by my hand

I’m alright. Just wandering down the wonderland of Words

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