Trip to Sekinchan Malaysia

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14th June 2016 – So this was the second trip with my dad since I have come back home for Summer break from Ireland. Sekinchan has become one of the famous road-trip destinations in Malaysia for locals in this recent one or two years, suitable for both family and friends’ gathering! It is a fish village, offering loads of delicious seafood and sight-seeing of rice fields.

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Speaking of Sekinchan famous about its picturesque rice fields; quiet and peaceful backdrop, best medicine for souls who live in the busy city, I suddenly remembered that I had once experienced a home stay surrounded by rice fields as well but I just couldn’t form the name out of my head. Then, the word “Dorani Homestay” appeared on the signboard my dad just drove by.

“OH, it’s DORANI Homestay!!! I went there once when I was Form 3!”


dorani homestay


As I mentioned, Sekinchan is a fish village so many quays are expected for boats to deliver their fresh products early in the morning.

This is Kampung Bagan (Bagan Village).

We had our lunch in this Kampung and it was heavenly delicious and came with unbelievably reasonable price or I should put it unreasonably cheap!

They are famous of fresh and juicy boneless shark meat, fried chili eggplant with sweet small prawns and flowers of egg pieces, fish porridge (breakfast), half-boiled eggs and steamed bread with a cuppa (breakfast) and loads. They said Sekinchan offers food 24/7 so it definitely is the best place for a food trip!

Shark meat

My Beloved Dad. Chinese temple and beach together.

one day trip at sekinchan malaysia

Spot someone taking wedding photos at the beach. The sun was scorching and I just couldn’t imagine all the sweat involved. But I guess love covered it all.


Before the trip to Sekinchan, I had a nice breakfast with my mum at a mamak (Indian restaurant). Having milk and tea.

Actually I had my breakfast at home already. And after my mamak meal, I also ate steamed bread and half-boiled eggs with my dad at Taman Melawati, a small town before reaching Sekinchan.

So, that day I had three breakfasts in total. My diet plan had been completely shoved under the mat.

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